ZiPCAD 3.1

Complete CAD tool for your PDA

ZiPCAD is an excellent CAD program for your Palm powered PDA.

Thanks to more than 60 standard functions available in the many CAD tools for PC, ZiPCAD allows you to create and generate plans and blueprints to scale with total accuracy and with all types of detail.

  • As-Builts: Measurements are entered directly into ZiPCAD; saving hours by eliminating the need to draw existing conditions by hand.
  • DXF Import/Export: ZiPCAD Drawings are exchanged with desktop CAD systems via the DXF file format when performing a Hotsync operation.
  • Distance Meter: Measurements can be taken with a tape measure or automatically uploaded from a distance meter via Bluetooth.
  • Details & SKs: Detailed drawings can be drafted when and where its most convenient and exported to your PC.
  • Sketching: Inspiration can grab you at the oddest moments. Now you can draw or sketch to scale anytime, anywhere.
  • Design Development: ZiPCAD can take a job from inception through Design Development while freeing the designer from his or her desktop workstation.

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ZiPCAD 3.1

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